Youth Empowerment Program

The Mannahelp Youth Empowerment program also known as the Green Team Program offers meaningful employment opportunities to youth in a team setting. Green Teams focus on local environmental projects developed in partnership with communities, corporate partners and organizations.


How It Works

Our youth empowerment program focuses on equipping them with valuable skills through training in various areas, including environmental sustainability, financial literacy, climate change and more. We offer practical experiences in community gardening.

Our curriculum also includes interactive leadership workshops designed to build confidence and leadership abilities, preparing participants to be effective leaders who can positively impact their communities.

As part of the training, participants are required to work in teams to deliver presentations on climate change to two organizations. This experience not only enhances their understanding of important environmental issues but also improves their public speaking and teamwork skills.

Overall, the skills learned in our program are intended to prepare youth for the job market by making them well-rounded and capable candidates.