Food distribution event for families in need

Special Thanks to Penny Appeal Canada for the Grant!

Project Kick Out Hunger was a success; thanks to Penny Appeal Canada!! In February 2023, Mannahelp received a grant from Penny Appeal Canada to help alleviate poverty in Durham region.

Mannahelp partnered with Penny Appeal Canada to carry out the Kick Out Hunger project.

Project Kick Out Hunger in Durham region, Ontario – Bags of carrots, boxes of bananas, apples, plantain and eggs

Impact of Project Kick Out Hunger

The food distribution project known as “Project Kick Out Hunger ” was rolled out and completed in March 2023. Over 12,000 pounds worth of fresh produce and non perishables were distributed, 168 packs of hot nutritious meals were given out, more than 400 hygiene items were distributed and over 100 coats and hoodies were given to needy families. Over 500 lives were impacted thanks to the grant from Penny Appeal Canada.

Kick Out Hunger Infographic

About 70,000 people in Durham region, Ontario do not have enough money to buy food according to In most cases, racialized and marginalized communities are left out with no money to buy essentials.

Penny Appeal Canada is providing sustainable solutions in the areas of food, water, and education in order to create communities that are self-sustainable whilst also lifting others around them out of poverty.

Mannahelp – Bags of potatoes, banana, egg boxes and plantain for distribution

Mannahelp is also on a mission to eradicate poverty, and hunger in racialized and marginalized communities in Durham region, Ontario and with great partners like Penny Appeal Canada, Mannahelp is able to improve as many lives as possible.

Mannahelp Project Kick Out Hunger
Hygiene items distributed during project Kick Out Hunger

Thank You Penny Appeal Canada

Special thanks to Penny Appeal Canada for the $22,000 grant which was used to purchase winter coats, fresh produce, non perishables, hygiene items and hot nutritious meals for needy families in Durham region, Ontario.

We thank all Penny Appeal Canada volunteers and Mannahelp volunteers who came out to help make this a huge success.

Support from organizations like Penny Appeal Canada make it possible for us to help racialized and marginalized communities. Under the Mannahelp food support program, we focus on providing support in three major areas: Food, clothing and hygiene items.

Project Kick Out Hunger – Mannahelp and Penny Appeal Canada distributing food and essentials to families in Durham region, Ontario

The Penny Appeal Canada grant has made a tremendous impact on our cause. We would like to say a big thank you to all the volunteers who helped distribute coats, hot nutritious meals, fresh produce and non perishables to families in need in Durham region, Ontario.

Thank you Penny Appeal Canada; your kindness has enabled us to purchase much needed items for needy families and it means the world to us. 

Thank you messages from beneficiaries; thanks to Penny Appeal Canada for the grant

The Mannahelp Kick Out Hunger Project was fully funded by Penny Appeal Canada with the participation of Penny Appeal Canada. We acknowledge the financial support of Penny Appeal Canada.