Benefits of running an Eco-friendly business – By Teasia Bailey

There are so many positive results with businesses starting to take the initiative to go green and start eco friendly businesses.
Eco friendly businesses are the businesses that are going to make the world a safer place. Going green is saving lots more things and you won’t ever realize until you take that chance.
There is an ongoing list of ways the going green can better your life and the lives of your surroundings. It can save MONEY, going eco-friendly will reduce the amount of energy use that is going around in your homes, meaning it can save the amount of your monthly bills. It can also start to build up customer loyalty, many other articles and studies have shown that customers believe businesses that go green
happen to be more trustworthy than non-green businesses. Going green may not be a fast switch over if it’s not something you’re used to but, it can also potentially help attract and retain employees.
Eco-friendly businesses have been proven to promote more lively and positive vibes between employees. Having the knowledge that a business cares about how much they’re impacting, their community boosts employee morale and can attract potential employees who need that positive mindset and feel like they’re making a positive difference in the world. Last but not least, it improves the longevity of your business. When a business is less reliant on non- renewable resources, for example “resources that can become depleted in
the future”, you ensure the longevity and sustainability of your business in the future.

Did you know that the majority of the people in the world love fruits and vegetables? Speaking of fruits and vegetables, fruits and vegetables are very important parts of a healthy and sustainable diet, they provide the essential vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, and tend to have lower environmental impacts than animal based foods.
Introducing fruits and veggies to younger kids is way better than showing them the goods first. If you show them the sweets and candies at a younger age, they have a higher chance of getting more attached to it which can cause health and teeth problems later on in
Did you know aluminum can be recycled continuously, as in forever? Aluminum is the most recycled and
recyclable material in use today over all other recyclables.

Aluminum Periodic Table
Top Five Aluminium Cans Manufacturers around the Globe
Recycled Content 20X graphic

● Recycling is a critical part of the modern aluminum business. Making recycled aluminum only
takes around 5% of the energy that is needed to make aluminum.
● In most industrial markets like automotive and building, recycling rates for aluminum exceed 90%.
● As a result, nearly 75% of all the aluminum that was ever made is silk in use today, Isn’t that
Since aluminum cans are recycled at much higher rates than glass and plastics, these rates have fallen
below 50% in recent years. That means $800 million worth of aluminum is going to and is ending up in
the landfills. That is a tremendous loss to the economy and the environment.

Aluminum soda and drinking cans are the most sustainable beverage package on virtually every measure. Cans are known
to have a higher recycling rate and they’re more recycled content than competing package types.
Aluminum cans are much more valuable than glass or plastic, helping make municipal recycling programs financially viable and effectively subsidizing the recycling of less valuable materials in the bin.
If you’re trying to switch your business over to a sustainable and eco-friendly business there are so many different ways you can switch over with a slow start, these switch overs can sometimes be different and unusual if you’re not used to it as mentioned before but there is always room to start something new.
Running businesses at these times in life is only getting harder to start, especially after the pandemic, we’re still trying to get used to things going back to “normal”. In many different steps below there are going to be ways to start switching over to a sustainable business.

  1. Set your goal, that is the first step to starting or switching over businesses in general. Going in with pure confidence is risky, you need to have your game plan set so you can have your backup plans in case anything doesn’t go the way that it was expected to go. Being environmentally friendly will enhance your business’s reputation as a responsible, sustainability focused company
    with consumers, shareholders, and employees alike.
  2. Reduce waste, every single business produces a different amount of waste, no matter the size of their industry or company. What matters the most for these businesses is how they go about reducing what they’re producing. According to Evergreen IT solutions, 34% of electronic waste is produced from IT sources. To make sure your computers are recycled correctly, you can maybe start considering using specific recycling sources who will dispose of your old unwanted products correctly.
  3. Measure and reduce your carbon footprint, consider any ways you can reduce your carbon emissions, investing in a local supplier, reducing the amount of times you travel or switching over to renewable energy is a great start to reducing your carbon footprint. Once you are starting to get different ways to reduce emissions you can start to consider offsetting the remaining emissions and maybe become a carbon neutral business, this can be done by supporting sustainable reforestations projects in the United Kingdom or abroad.
  4. Some of our biggest uses today are the most eco friendly businesses today such as, apple, amazon, etc. these businesses are making 2x the money just because they’re eco-friendly. The trend is spreading all around to the business leaders of tomorrow too. Almost 88% of business school students say that social and environmental issues are crucial to business branding. On top of that, more first time entrepreneurs are basing their USPs and points of differentiation on environmental protection. Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces in the whole world, but that did not stop them from being an eco friendly business, if anything them being an eco friendly business eco friendly is helping them grow even more.
    When you’re a huge company just like amazon, you’re going to have more on your back to look out for because you have such a huge audience. Especially when they’re expecting you as the huge audience to go above and beyond to make the differences in the world.
  5. Apple as well, they’re one of the biggest phone/ tech companies out there right now. Although apple hasn’t always been one of the major top eco friendly companies, apple and continuously been taking those extra steps lately to prove that they really do care about the environment. For example, some of apples newest phones starting from their iphone 11 and up are made out of some eco friendly materials, including 100% aluminum. Additionally, Apple uses various recycled components within the internal elements of the phone too. At the same time, Apple is also taking additional steps to promote its trade-in scheme, which allows owners of existing iPhones to switch their old model out for something new.

  6. To start to round up some of the ideas and statements I made on why eco-friendly businesses are good and why you can or should switch over to one. They’re just overall helping out the growing and new upcoming businesses. Majority of the humans in the world seem to help out eco friendly businesses more, if you start now you never know how much it may benefit and help you grow quicker than you are without being eco friendly. As I mentioned more at the beginning of this article, it’s also helping businesses save and make more money, and attract more customers and audience to their companies.

  7. Eco friendly businesses could potentially be the reason the world is becoming a better place and safer environment, and you’ll never know unless you take that big step into switching over and being a part of that few that are trying to make the world a better place. Again it is not so easy but it is something you are going to have to grow onto, not saying you have to switch over, but considering it might be a good thing to do. Just think about all the money, people, animals, and in general things you could be saving in this
    world just being an eco friendly business.

  8. Thank you 🙂
    Teasia Bailey

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  1. Not long ago, my uncle mentioned he’s interested in starting a business, but he wants to run an eco-friendly one that doesn’t create a high waste impact. That’s why I believe he’d love to read your post about how to switch your business over to a sustainable and eco-friendly one. Thank you for explaining that being environmentally friendly enhances our business’s reputation.

    1. I’m glad you found this post helpful. Being environmentally friendly enhances a business’s reputation by demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and responsible practices, attracting conscious consumers and fostering a positive brand image.Thanks for leaving a comment.

    2. That’s wonderful to hear about your uncle’s interest in starting an eco-friendly business! It’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to consider their environmental impact, and transitioning to sustainable practices can indeed enhance their reputation while contributing positively to the planet.

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