Empowering Makoko: A Digital Literacy Revolution

Residents of Makoko in Lagos State, Nigeria experience complete isolation, devoid of any amenities, income, job opportunities, and a sense of hope for the future. Recognizing that children are the future leaders, Mannahelp is actively working to narrow the digital gap.

Our goal is to ensure more than 10,000 girls and youth in Makoko can gain a profound understanding of the significance of digital literacy, unlocking a realm of experiences and learning opportunities. Our programs enable girls and youth to learn computer skills alongside their peers. Please make a donation by selecting “Africa Yes She Can Program” here.

The Makoko community

Makoko, situated along the waterfront in Lagos, Nigeria, has served as a resilient and adaptive symbol in the midst of difficult living conditions. Characterized by its distinctive stilted structures perched above the Lagos Lagoon, Makoko hosts a community that has flourished despite facing socio-economic difficulties.

The good news is that more improvements in the style of learning for children and youth can only keep getting better despite several challenges and we’re delighted to announce that Mannahelp now offers a digital literacy program in Makoko.

Digital Literacy in Makoko

In the heart of Makoko, a digital revolution is unfolding, with over 50 girls and youth benefiting from our comprehensive digital literacy program.

Traditionally, Makoko has experienced severe educational inequalities, with limited access to quality education and resources. However, the good news is that we have introduced digital literacy initiatives, breaking down barriers and opening new avenues for learning and empowerment.

The digital literacy program currently serves about 100 children, and we intend to expand the digital literacy program to include a significant portion of the Makoko community especially more girls and youth because these are skills crucial in the 21st- century Global landscape.

Importance of Digital Literacy in Makoko

The significance of digital literacy in Makoko cannot be overstated. In our world today, there’s no denying the fact that the internet has come to stay. These days, most people can’t live without the internet. Regardless of age, there’s always something we’d like to Google for research purposes, or it could just be for leisure.

Sometimes it’s just for fun, and we find ourselves using our laptops or phones to periodically check for the most recent updates on social media related to our interests.

Now, imagine a community whereby the children and youth dwelling in that neighbourhood have no access to computers, or how to even operate one? This is the reason Mannahelp has made the decision to promote digital literacy.

Mannahelp started with the Yes She Can program in this community. The program encourages girls to attend school and complete their education. We have expanded the program to encompass digital literacy, enabling children and youth to acquire essential computer skills.

The goal of Mannahelp’s digital literacy program is to provide children and youth with not just information about how to use computers; it’s about providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in our digital world.

The ability to navigate, understand, and utilize digital tools is crucial for personal development and societal progress in an era dominated by technological advancements.

Bridging the Gap:

Makoko has long grappled with obstacles in delivering quality education to its inhabitants. However, the digital literacy program introduced by Mannahelp will serve as a crucial link, enabling children and youth to access a plethora of online educational resources.

With access to and interactive learning platforms, online courses, e-books, children and youth in Makoko can supplement their traditional education and enhance their academic performance. By fostering digital literacy, Makoko is nurturing a generation of empowered and economically independent individuals.

Meet Our Computer Teacher and hear what he has to say about the program

Our Computer Instructor

Challenges in Implementing the Digital Literacy Program in Makoko

While the digital literacy initiative in Makoko has been running smoothly, it has not been without its fair share of challenges. Understanding and addressing these challenges is crucial for sustaining and expanding the program.

Infrastructure Limitations

We presently operate within a cramped classroom, accommodating children in an environment that lacks the necessary resources including poor ventilation and inadequate seats and desks.

With only one desktop computer serving close to 100 children in the digital literacy program, the current setup is not conducive for optimal learning.

To ensure the success of our mission to empower at least 5,000 girls and youth with computer literacy, we seek funding to establish a digital learning center.

This center will provide a more conducive environment equipped with additional computers, enhancing the overall learning experience. Establishing such a center in the Makoko community is imperative for supporting girls and youth, considering the numerous benefits it brings.

Socio-Economic Barriers

Makoko is characterized by economic disparities, with many families struggling to meet their basic needs. Affordability of devices like computers and tablets, as well as internet costs, is a barrier to digital inclusion. To ensure that all children and youth can benefit from the digital literacy program, we hope to be able to address socio-economic barriers by providing subsidized or free access to devices and internet connectivity to children and youth.


*Equal Access: A digital learning center guarantees equal access to educational resources, bridging the digital divide for all participants.

*Enhanced Education: The center enriches educational experiences through interactive learning resources, granting access to valuable information that broadens participants’ knowledge in the long run.

*Global Connectivity: The digital learning center facilitates connections to the global community, enabling girls and youth to share ideas and cultures.

*Community Growth: The center contributes to community development by fostering an informed, digitally literate population.

*Skill Empowerment: Providing a space for acquiring essential digital skills, the center empowers girls and youth with the tools necessary for today’s workforce.

*Career Readiness: Acquiring digital skills at the learning center prepares girls and youth for diverse career paths, enhancing their employment prospects.

*Personal Empowerment: Through access to digital education, girls and youth actively participate in their own development and contribute to their community.


Introducing digital literacy program in Makoko, Lagos, Nigeria, is a testament to the transformative power of education. The program equips children and youth with essential digital skills and addresses broader issues of educational inequality in the community.

While challenges persist, the commitment to overcoming them ensures that the digital literacy initiative in Makoko continues to thrive.

The journey to digital literacy in Makoko is a beacon of hope, illustrating the positive impact education can have in even the most challenging environments.

As Makoko embraces the digital age, the hope is that this transformative experience will serve as a model for other communities with similar challenges.

By investing in education and digital literacy, we’re preparing youth for the future; and paving the way for a more inclusive, and empowered community. Please make a donation by selecting “Africa Yes She Can Program” here.