Makoko Slum, Lagos Nigeria, a Marginalized Community – World’s largest Slum

In this post, we will be taking a deep dive into the problems facing the people of Makoko Slum, Lagos Nigeria, a marginalized community. Lagos, home to a population of 17.5 million is located in southwestern Nigeria. Lagos is a large city that serves as a huge economic, cultural and political center for regional and … Read more

Mannahelp: Making a difference by supporting communities and improving lives (Empowering Women and Girls)

Hello! Welcome to Mannahelp. So many people in our community and around the world need help and it is only natural for us as humans to step in and render assistance. Poor nutrition, gender inequality, low birth weight, low immunization coverage, illiteracy, underemployment are some pressing issues that need urgent solutions. Mannahelp was established with … Read more