Top 8 Environmental Issues – Written by Teasia Bailey

Humans are changing our environment in many different ways, extreme changes like the ones
that are happening are triggering terrible things such as climate change, soil erosion, nasty air,
and no clean water to drink. There are definitely more than 10 major issues with our environment
but I am going to speak on the major issues that need to be focused on before anything else in the
world can even be noticed. Most things that are happening, most people are either unaware of
what’s going on, or they just don’t care. Little do they know if these issues aren’t getting the
attention they need it can affect how they’re living in the future as well as the other coming

  1. One of the biggest problems today with the environment is definitely all the pollution that
    is being put into the world by humans. Pollution is the contamination of smoke that is
    being done to the environment and the air around us, it can also be a very harmful and
    poisonous thing for us humans to inhale. Pollution can be done through many different
    things such as, water, soil, air, etc. All of these pollutants are interlinked and influence
    each other, that means we all need to work and tackle them together. We would not like
    pollution to be the reason we can all live in a healthy environment in the oncoming years.
    Water pollution is also a major type of pollution that is killing us and the underwater
    animals, it’s causing us to have no clean drinking water and no healthy living space for
    the underwater living.
Air Pollution Facts, Causes and the Effects of Pollutants in the Air | NRDC
  1. Global warming is another that also has a really huge impact on our environment. Global
    warming usually is a human induced warming of the earth system. Global warming leads
    to the temperatures of the oceans and earths surfaces rising, causing natural disasters such
    as floods, rising sea levels, melting of the polar ice caps, hurricanes, fires, etc. global
    warming is also something that if we don’t try to do anything to fix it we are only putting
    what come in the future in danger, nothing is going to get better if we don’t try to take the
    huge step into fixing it. It’s something people don’t really seem to see as something
    serious because it’s been an ongoing issue for a very long time, but as mentioned without
    taking charge and doing anything about it we’re only ruining what is to come for the
    future. We could be turning this all the right way if we all work together but it’s hard since not many people care. This is where you as a person can make it be seen as a serious thing so more can start to care and better our world. It’s never too late.
Effects | Facts – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet
  1. Waste production implies the use of material and energy and the depletion of the Earth’s
    renewable and non-renewable resources. Waste production isn’t doing anything better for
    our earth and it is only increasing. It’s continuously growing due to factors such as
    population growth, urbanization, and economic growth, as well as consumer shopping
    habits. Every single year, us humans are producing millions of tons of waste, this is only
    becoming a growing major problem worldwide. Majority of humans are very heartless
    when it comes to our environment. People think “we’re going to die anyways”, that is not
    a way we want to think knowing we have the chance of bettering the lives of the on
    coming generations and even better the environment for our lives right now. It’s not as
    hard as people make it seem, all you have to do is not litter and pick up after yourself.
    Take responsibility and try to help us by cleaning up to save sea life and human life.
Trends in Solid Waste Management
  1. Acid rain can affect a lot of areas on our earth. Acid rain is any form of precipitation with
    acidic components, such as sulfuric or nitric acid that fall to the ground from the
    atmosphere in wet or dry forms. Acid rain can be extremely harmful to us humans,
    animals and our environment in general. Acid rain is caused by all the pollution that is
    being done to the earth, all of these different pollutions being mixed into the air is going
    up to the clouds and releasing acidic rain that can be very deadly towards humans. Not
    only is it affecting humans, it’s affecting sea life and more. Humans are killing the
    environment and without an environment there is no life. If we just simply do our best to
    avoid as much pollution as possible we can do little by little to get our environment to the
    healthiest state it can possibly be in. if we don’t at least stop it’s never going to achieve
    anything and we’re only killing ourselves.
What Is Acid Rain? - WorldAtlas
Acid Rain: Causes, Effects and Solutions | Live Science
  1. Public health issues are another big problem in our environment that some may not see as
    something so serious if it has no effect on them. There is a really big amount of different
    pollution issues on our earth and no one realizes how much of an effect it’s having on our
    health. Dirty water is the actual biggest health risk in the world and poses a threat to the
    quality of life and public health. Without clean water, we have nothing to drink and are
    killing ourselves. Water is one we can live without because it’s in everything we need and
    use in the world today. Without water we’re basically done, there is going to be nothing
    more for us without clean and healthy water to drink, dirt water is toxic, and toxic is
    deadly. It would be very sad to know that something we could have tried to fix, was now
    ruined because all those people think it won’t affect our future. Why wait to find out? We
    all are alive now and living, we need to put in the effort to try and make that difference to
    better our lives and keep us living happy and healthy as long as possible, because yes, we
    do not live forever, but living your life to the fullest and dying knowing you did some
    good is better than dying knowing you did nothing to try to help our future and the
    futures of others.
The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health in the United States: A  Scientific Assessment
  1. Deforestation doesn’t really seem like that much of a problem because yes some trees do
    need to be cut down but not as many as they’re cutting down. If all these forests are
    getting cut down they’re releasing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. All of this
    forest loss and damage is the cause of 10% of global warming. If humans do not stop
    deforestation there is no absolute way we can fight this issue or climate change. We need
    to start protecting our forests now more than we ever did before. Deforestation is also
    causing some of the natural disasters such as floods, landslides and drought. Forests protect us.

but when the trees are getting cut down it’s now
leaving an open pathway for more disasters to pass through and natural disasters are not
only sad but they can cause harm to humans and end lives. It also causes damage to our
belongings that are not so easy to fix, it’s very time consuming and getting rid of the trees
isn’t helping. So, we all need to make the effort in the world to try and stop deforestation
and let it be known by the uneducated.

Deforestation fronts | Stories | WWF
  1. Climate change in general is one of the biggest problems that everywhere in the world is
    affected by, this is one that we should have brought attention to a long time ago because
    now it’s going to be really hard to reverse. Weathers are changing so much quicker now
    and it’s now becoming colder than usual in the winters and hotter than usual in the
    summers. If humans would just respect the earth and clean up after themselves and
    recycle it could have been avoided, but now we are so deep into it, it’s only becoming
    worse and harder to fix. It is one of the things killing us humans because more are getting
    sick because it’s changing so fast and some human bodies can handle the weather
    changing too quickly because everyone adjusts differently to things and it’s pretty sad.
Climate change
  1. Overpopulation has a big take in these environmental issues. The population of the planet
    is reaching unsustainable levels as it faces a shortage of resources like water, fuel and
    food. Population explosion in less developed and developing countries is straining the
    already scarce resources. Overpopulation is also not very good because it is causing more
    disasters such as pandemics that are travelling worldwide and affecting the lives of
    others. It’s making people sicker faster and there is never enough help out there to save
    all. Overpopulation is also causing the prices of things to rise because with all these
    people the money is needed for us to have all these things to keep us living.
    To wrap up this topic, overall we just need to treat our environment better, if we don’t
    do anything about it we are only dying quicker. Why would we want to do that when we
    can be the ones to make a difference and save the lives of the upcoming generations?

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